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I am complaining about bad treatment in Sri Thai Restaurant at 4930 Dublin Blvd

Dublin, CA 94568-7594. We were waited upon by the restaurant manager, who was rude to my 2 yr old daughter!!

On June 30, 2007, my daugter (2 yr old) was restless and wouldn't sit on a high chair. She started to cry. The restaurant manager walked to the child, visibly irritated, faked a smile and told her that she was disturbing other customers and asked her (yes, the child!!) pointing at the door. I felt horrible my child was talked to like that. The child of course had no clue and started crying even more! I lost my apetite after the incident and walked away paying the already calculated 15% tip (because we were a group of 5).

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The manager made you angry, but he probably made all the other customers very happy. It's really annoying to know that you're paying for a nice meal out, and then you have to listen to someone's kid making a lot of noise.


Seriously, you took a 2 year old to a restaurant?Get a sitter for heaven sake!

I didn't go to a restaurant until I was 7. Personally, sitting in a restaurant and having a child bawling is a MAJOR turn off and ruins the meal. I guess you're the same type that keeps her crying child in church or a movie.

If I wanted to hear children crying I'd eat at the McDonalds in a Walmart.:(

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